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Whale Wallpaper

Whale is one of the largest mammal exists in this planet. They are around 95 feet long with 180 tones weight. Whales are predators and eat medium size to large fish. Sharks usually chase their prey – tear apart with the help of their teeth and then eat.

10 Interesting Whale Facts

  • Male whales called Bulls while Female whale called Cows.
  • Female whales are usually bigger than male.
  • Being a mammals – Whale need to come up to the sea level to take air.
  • Blue whales are the largest whale found on earth.
  • Weight of Whale’s eye itself is around 1 kg.
  • Diet of a whale is very huge, they need at least 50 to 150 kg of fish every single day.
  • Whale have to come up to the sea surface in every an hour (approx) to take breath.
  • An infant baby whale weight is around 200 kg with 25 feet long.
  • Whale can swim fast with 32 Kmph.
  • Whales gives birth in 2 to 3 years.


Name: Whale (Marine Mammals)

Life Span: 77 to 115 Years

Swimming Speed: 32Km/h

Size: 30 Meter with 180 Tons Weight.

Food: Fish, squid, plankton, large Animal, other marine mammals

Color: Light to dark grey, Blue and Black, Blue Whale is bluish gray color but appears blue underneath the water

Founded: World’s all oceans


Whale Gallery

Beautiful whale wallpaper collection in below gallery. Download HD wallpapers of Whale for desktop background. Humpback, Killer and other whales photos available:


Orca Whale wallpaper for desktop

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