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Lord Vishnu

As per Vedas Lord Vishnu is the main and supreme God of Hindus. God Vishnu is the Preserver of our Universe. He stays in Vaikuntha, which is deep inside the kshreera Sagara. He is one among the Great Trinity, also known with the name of Hari and Narayana. Lord Vishnu is a symbol of peace and prosperity.


His popular Incarnations:

Lord Vishnu who is solely responsible for maintenance the Universe has taken many incarnations for protecting the life of Humanitarian. His each avatar has given many teachings to human life. His sequential ten popular living forms are:


Other Facts of Lord Vishnu:

Famous Chants to remember Lord Vishnu as per Puranas are:

  • Om Namo Narayanaya
  • Om Vishnave Namaha
  • Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

All three mantras are quite known and before starting any puja and archana, people start with these chanting.  In Purana it is define that Lord Vishnu is having four hands, holding four different things like Lotus, Wheel (Chakra),mace and the shankha (the conch).  Each symbol defines some values of life. In all parts of India people believe and pray Lord Vishnu by different names.


Photo Gallery

Download beautiful  lord Vishnu Wallpapers in HD with mata Laxmi in below picture gallery in this 2014 year:

Shree Vishnu with mata Laxmi Wallpaper

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