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Turtle are the bony shelled cartilaginous reptile dwelling in the sea as well as fresh water. The shelled reptilian belongs to the order of Chelonii that depicts the animal with bony shell that is initiated from rib to head region as serve as a protective portion. Turtle are cold blooded animals which internal temperature changes with respect to ambient environment. These order animals are gradually get added in the list of extinct and endangered species.

The Turtles is one of the animal that live over 300 years and average life is approx 200 years. Turtles are found in sea, jungle and in river as well. Turtle could be from 2 kg (small size) to 800 kg weight. There are several species of Turtle found on earth. Turtle look cute, beautiful and will look good as a desktop wallpapers.

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Download the image of these endangered species and let your mind work in a positive direction for the introduction of best program to overcome the problem of endangered species :

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