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Tulip Wallpaper

Tulip is a cool beautiful Flower found in around the world especially in Europe, India, China, Iran and other parts of the world. There are around 109 species of Tulip flower.


Tulips is a colorful flower appear in several Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Tulip is a cup shape bright dark flower comes in different color from Red, Yellow, Purple, White etc.


Quick Interesting Facts about Tulip Flower


1) Tulips flower usually has 8 to 12 leaves with around 15 to 70 centimeters in height

2) Life span of Tulip flower is vary from 3 to 5 days

3) It’s used for decoration purpose like in weddings, ring ceremony, anniversary etc.


Name: Tulip

Kingdom: Plantae

Native Country: Central Asia, Iran, Southern Europe, Israel, North Africa and other few countries.

Color:  Pure blue, Red, Yellow, White, Pink

Blooming Season: Spring


Tulip Flower Picture Gallery 

Total 18 Wallpapers of Tulip flower available in below photo gallery. Download pink, yellow, red, white Tulip from below gallery for desktop background:


Dark Red Tulip Flower wallpaper

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