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In the ancient time bullock and cart where used for transportation of goods from one place to another. But today Trucks are designed as the cargo to make transportation of good more easily. Automobile industries are gradually coming up with the best quality motor vehicle in the form of different models.



These trucks are specialized with diesel or gasoline engine along with the capacity to withhold weight up to 3500 kilograms that is assumed to be approximately 7,716 Lb.


Someone truly said that Big is always beautiful and that’s very correct in terms of TRUCK. Yes my dear I am talking about Monster truck that’s used across world for goods transportation.  Today we comes up with over 15 beautiful and cool Truck background in high resolution that is absolutely free for desktop background.


Photo Gallery

Lets download and decorate your desktop pc with monster and big truck hd wallpapers from below gallery. Choose any of the Truck in yellow, red, green to other color with high resolution from 1024 x 768 to 1920×1080.


Beautiful monster Truck  Wallpaper in HD for desktop PC.

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