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SISTER – This is not only a name of a relationship it is something more than that. The world’s most trust worthy six letters word “Sister” which shares the same equation of a friend. She cares, understands and nurtures your emotions without any condition, she can be as possessive as a wife and as protective as a father.


She will give you her most favorite and lucky cell phone but will never let anyone eat a single bite of the chocolate bar you have brought for her. She will shock you with her mature behavior when you are lonely and will irritate you with her childishness when you are neglecting her. She will complain a lot but she will understand too, she will cry when you make fun of her but will fight when someone else makes fun of you.


She will tell all your bad habits to mother but will hide the same from dad. She will tease you to get your attention but will care for you to give you attention, “Sister” she is the second girl in the world after Mother who can be your “Mother”. When god thought of combining love, sensibility maturity, innocence and childishness he created “sister”



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Sweet Brother and Sister Wallpaper

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