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Shri Krishna

Lord Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and a popular deity of Hindus. He was the eighth son of Vasudeva and Devaki. The day of Krishna’s birthday known as Janmashtami  and celebrated throughout the country. He had taken birth in the prison of Kansa but later shifted to Gokul which is in Mathura (U.P) by his father Vasudeva.


After His Birth:

Lord Krishna was very pretty in his childhood and done many remarkable deeds like picking Govardhan Mountain to protect people from heavy rain and fighting from Kaliya Naag and so many like that. He was like a role model and a divine spirit in his childhood. After spending his lots of time in Gokul and Vrindavana he later shifted to Dwaraka and married to Rukmini. He later married to 16,100 maidens. Krishna played a very important role in Mahabharata and guided Arjuna throughout the battle.


Other popular tales:

He was in intense love with Radha and given a deep concept of pure love to the world. People of different religions are also a big follower of Krishna and his said virtues that is mention in Bhagwat Gita. This is a very respectable epic of Hindus and having all concepts of being happy during the journey of life.


Picture Gallery

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