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Salman Khan Dogs

Salman Khan love Dogs

We all know that Salman Khan Love dogs a lot and currently have French mastiff dog while earlier Slaman had 2 French Mastiff dogs that has been passed away.


A French Mastiff is also known as Douge de Bordeaux – a medium to large size dog with strong body, strength with excellent guarding capability.


Earlier Salman Khan had 2 french mastiff name ‘Myson’ and ‘Myjaan’ both are passed away.


Facts about French Mastiff 

  • Average weight of Fresh mastiff is around 55 Kg
  • French mastiff average life span is 9 year approx.
  • French mastiff is an excellent watch and guard dog.
  • Most of the French mastiff dogs comes in fawn color.


Salman Khan with Myson and Myjaan Photo

Salman Khan with his french mastiff dog - Myson and Myjaan


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