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Sai Baba Gallery

Sai baba the famous yogi, guru and Fakir is believed the incarnation of Lord Krishna or some believes that he is a incarnation of Dattatreya or saint kabir, born on 28 September 1838. He is also known with the name of Shirdi ke Sai Baba.


About Sai Baba:

  • Existed between: 19th to 20th century
  • Regarded by: Hindu and Muslim both
  • Died on: October 15th 1918
  • His most uttered word: “Sabka mallik ek hai”
  • His town: Shirdi, Maharashtra


Main Attraction:

Sai was known for his love, forgiveness, compassion etc. This fakir or yogi was all above of religion, caste and community.


Interesting Facts:

  • There is no evidence of his birthplace and exact date of birth.
  • He generally sits below a neem tree and later after his death he got buried below that tree.
  • Today also Shirdi Sai Baba temple is very much famous and one of the richest temple of India.


Sai Gallery

Choose from beautiful Sai Baba wallpapers for desktop, decorate with Lord Sai Baba photos and HD wallpapers with quotes from below gallery:

Sai Baba ji Wallpaper

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