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Rat Wallpapers

Rat a small creature found around the world especially to those areas where human live. There are two types of rats found the genus Rat (street and wild rat) and other is Fancy rat that people keep it as a pet. There are total 51 species of Rat exists throughout the world.


Rats are social animal and live in group. If a rat in their group sick or injured then other rats will take care of them. Rats are also intelligent animals as compare to rabbits and guinea pig. In India rats are religious icons and have a particular temple where they can freely move, eat, sleep. While in China rats are offered as a food in some restaurants. Very few of us know that Rat is a clean animal and spend good amount of time to keep them self clean.


Rat Facts

Average lifespan: 02 to 03 years

Family: Muridae

Body length: 9 to 11 meter

Food: Can eat plant, grains, small insects, animals as well – They are omnivores.

Color: Brown, White and Black

Weight: 50 Grams to 2 Kg.


Rats Photo Gallery

Beautiful and cute rat pictures in high resolution 1500 * 1400 available in below photo gallery. To download cute rat wallpapers for desktop background – please follow below rat picture gallery:

Cute Rat in green color background picture

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