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Pug Wallpapers

Pug – Small and Good Family Dog

Pug is a small toy dog weight around 5 to 9 kg. Pug is a playful dog that loves their family members. They have strong legs with muscular body.  Pug is a good family pet and excellent with children. They are not at all aggressive that makes it a perfect family dog. Pug breed is actually from China.


There are few health issues with Pug breed that owner should take care of.

1) The very first health problem with Pug is overweight, don’t overfeed them.

2) Second is eye issue known as ‘Eye prolapse’ therefore it’s recommended to use tight leash.

3)  Third is infection of Pug face, as Pug has wrinkle face, it’s strongly recommend to keep their face clean.


Breed Name: Pug

Origin: China

Eyes and face: Large Eyes with Wrinkle face

Average Weight: 11 to 20 lb or 5 to 9 kg

Height: 12 to 14 inches

Life Span: 12 to 15 years

Color: Black mask and Tan Body, Also Black, Apricot and Silver color


  • A Pug is a toy Dog
  • It has Short Muzzled face and his tail are curled
  • It is very affectionate and play dog and are very loving for their family and owner
  • A Pug is very Stub born and they may keep barking until they get the toys.
  • It always try to get the attention of yours and for this they sometimes might do some silly things or activities.
  • The main quality of a Pug is as they are more intelligent than they look
  • It makes much weird noises as their nose are very small
  • It is not a outdoorsy dog as they are very sensitive in the sense of hot and cold
  • The Pug was recognized by the AKC in the year 1885
  • Pug often makes good companion to the children as they are not aggressive



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