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Pomeranian Dog Wallpapers

Pomeranian is a small, cute and loyal dog found all over world but more no. of Pomeranian dogs are found in Asian countries. Pomeranian is a very intelligent dog with excellent watching capability. The Pomeranian is very easy to train, very good with children and very loyal to their owner.


Pomeranian is a friendly dog for family but it has been notice that they usually stick with one of his / her favorite family member and obey his / her command.  Pomeranian is a good watch dog and they bark loud and a lot. Pomeranian is a small dog but never under estimate them, being in small in size – they don’t afraid of big dog or unknown person.


Pomeranian Facts

Life Span: 12 to 16 years

Weight: 2 Kg to 6 Kg.

Health Issue: Pomeranian is usually considered as good dog breed but face ‘hip dysplasia’ issue. Teeth and eye care needs to be taken by the owner from child hood itself.

Food: Egg, Chicken, Potato, Rice, Chapatti, Fish and Fruits – Strictly avoid sugar.

Running Speed: There is no an official document or evidence, but Pomeranian can run around 30 km per hour.


Pomeranian Photo Gallery

Cute photo collection of Pomeranian dog available in below photo gallery. Download high resolution Pomeranian HD wallpapers for desktop screen and background.


Cute Pomeranian puppy wallpaper

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