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Peacock is also known as Peafowl,a beautiful bird. Peacock is India’s national bird as well. There are 3 species of peacock, these are: Indian Peacock, Green Peacock (found in Burma and Java) and Congo Peacock. Female peacock is comes in plain white color whereas male peacock is very colorful.


Indian Peacock considered as one of the best species in Peacock becuase of its color and height. Peacock is also one of the favourite bird of Lord Krishna. God Kartikeya (son of Lord Shiva) also mount on Peacock.

Diet of Peaful is flower, seeds, insects and some time they eat reptiles as well. However in village they are provided Chapati, and seeds by human that is considered as best diet for them.


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Beautiful Peacock dancing wallpapers


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