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Panther Facts & Wallpapers

Panther is a large, very strong, black color cat looks a bit similar to Leopard.   Panthers are also known with other names like Mountain Lions, Pumas etc.


Brief Details

Common name: Panther also know as Black Panther

Scientific name: Panthera pardus

Color: Found in Black and Yellow color

Food: Small to medium size animals like Rabbit, Deer, fish, reptiles, and birds.

Size and Weight:

Founded: Asia and Africa

Height: 7 feet (approx)

Weight: 45 to 113 Kg (100 to 250 pounds).

Litter: 2 to 4


Interesting Facts

  1. Panther can easily climb on tree.
  2. Many big companies like Puma use Panther as their brand / logo.
  3. Panther is known as ghost of the forest due to its dark black color.
  4. Female panther is called ‘she-panther’. 
  5. Average life of a wild panther is approx 12 years however they can live 20 years in zoo. 


Photo Gallery

15 cool Black color Panther Wallpapers in HD available in below gallery to decorate your desktop:

Black Panther Waiting for prey wallpaper

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