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Mothers Day Wallpapers


Mother’s Day is a grand celebration of our lives. This day we try to give extra honor to our mothers and motherhood as she is one of the important parts of our lives. In many countries Mother’s day is celebrated as a festival but not sure on the same date, it is celebrated most commonly in mid March, April or May.


Mothers Day is a celebration of America but now celebrated in more than 100 countries on various dates. It was firstly celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis apprehended a memorial in America for her dearest mother and after doing many struggles, in the year 1914 she became successful and got reorganization of this day as a holiday in US.  Later she created Mother’s Day Association for dealing all issues related with this day.

Mother’s Day in India

On second Sunday of the month May this day is celebrated as a Mother’s Day in India. According to Indian Mythology we look our mothers as a goddess and try to follow her in all way. In Sanskrit language we call this day a Martu Din. This day we bring gifts, cakes and sweets to enjoy the day. Mother’s day is not a religious day but we try to give extra regard our mothers on this day.

Mothers Day Greetings Wallpapers

Sending beautiful and cute greetings card to your mother is easy now, find here HD wallpapers just for Mother’s day. Follow below Mother’s Day photo gallery to download free photo:

Cute Mothers Day greetings Card for free



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