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It’s been said, we all born empty handed but alas! We are all born with a god, who else that can be than a ‘Godly Mother’.

  • She is a friend with an earthly touch to our soul, with all her blessings on us.
  • Oh Mother! Where will I go in the dark? If not, to the shelter of your love.
  • Oh Mother! How will I walk under the sun above the stone, if your blessings, I do not carry.


Why is it that when we talk of god we think of Mother? Let’s talk about the beginning, beginning of our life, it’s strange but true, before we come to know that we have begun the journey of life it’s the Mother who gives us the first breathe of air, she is the one who is life before the life has exactly started to live. It is only the Mother who smiles in our first cry after birth and does everything possible to stop all our tears after that. Mother is the ‘Face of GOD’.


In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “no one is poor who has the love of Godly Mother”!


The best thing children can do to their Mother is give them the pure respect and love as she has been giving you all her life.



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Mom HD Wallpapers loving her child

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