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Mango Wallpaper

Mango – The King of the King 

Mango is a sweet fruit and consider as Kind of the fruits. Mango is very popular fruit around the world.  Mango fruit is typically comes in yellow to green color and during summer season.


Few Interesting Facts of Mango


  • Mango fruit is good source of Vitamin A, B6, E and Vitamin C.
  • According to a new research – mango help to prevent from breast cancer.
  • Mango is national fruit of Indian and Philippines country.
  • 100 gram of Mango provides 60 Calories along with 15 gram of Carbohydrates.
  • Indian is the largest producers of Mango around the world followed by China and Thailand. India also exports high quality of Mango to USA, UK and Canada.
  • Mango is also known as Aam in Hindi language.
  • The ‘Mango’ word is derived from Tamail (language) word – Mangkay.
  • Mango tree is a symbol of love and peace.
Download yummy and delicious wallpaper of Mango for your desktop. Enjoy the yummy taste of Mango on this summer season with these cool HD wallpapers and pictures.
2 Mango Fruit in HD wallpaper


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