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Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti is a big festival for Jain religion. Mahavir Janam Kalayanam is the other name of this celebration. Mahavira the last Thrithankara is the guider of Jain religion. He took birth in 599 BCE.


About Mahavir Jayanti:

  • His father: King Siddhartha
  • Mother’s name: Queen Trishala
  • Celebration Time: in between March or April
  • Hindi Month celebration:  In Chaitra month

Main Attraction:

A pious ritual done by god Indra after the birth of Mahavir had made him Thrithankara, in which he himself bathed Mahavir with celestial milk.

Interesting Facts:

  • This day people do abhisheka of Mahavir statue, then they offer their prayer in Jain temples
  • People collect donations to promote organizations that help to stop cow slaughtering or to help the poor.
  • The Jain saints usually don’t wear complete dress or put a mask on their faces to avoid any type of “Hinsa”.
  • This day is celebrated as National Holiday.


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