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Hanuman Ji

Lord Hanuman the supreme devotee of Lord Ram is a deity of Hindus. His mother Anjani was an apsara in her past life and father Kesari was the great son of Brihaspati and king of Kishkindha. He took birth on ‘Anjaneya Hill’ somewhere in Karnataka. He was the great supporter of Lord Rama and till the date known as the Rama Bhakat. Almost all parts of our country people worship hanuman.


After his birth

He played a vital role in Ramayana as depicted by Valmiki. Hanuman was very notorious is his childhood, there are many popular tales about him are famous today. He met with Rama during the long exile of 14 years on Rishyamukha Mountain. Hanuman as a supporter did lots of things for finding Mata Sita, when she was kidnapped by Ravana. It is said that in “Rama-Ravana yudh” he did numerous efforts to conquer the war.


Later Life

He spends his full life for Lord Rama and went to Himalaya for worshipping his Lord after reigning for so many years. When Rama finally decided to depart from earth at that time Hanuman asked to stay on earth and on all places where people chant name of Lord Rama. So, we believe that only Hanuman is an immortal deity of Hindus.


Photo Gallery

Decorate Lord Hanuman Wallpapers in HD from below gallery to decorate your computer and worship.



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