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Life Quotes – All about Life

Great God given us a Human life that is one of the best creatures of all living thing on our earth. Life is full of ‘up and down’ but we have to make sure that we do good thing in our life, spread peace and love in our society, and live happy. No need to worry about petty issues as those moments are for few days / weeks, those has to happen and part of our life. Be positive about life, do your best whatever you do and always think how it will impact to you and your love one life.


10 Interesting Facts of our Life

  • Our eye size remain same as it is from birth but only nose and ears keep growing until we die.
  • Our brain is much more active during night (off course when we are sleeping) as compared to day.
  • Average lifespan of our hair is 5 years (approx).
  • Sneeze speed is 100 mph / 160 kmph
  • Our brain consumes approx 20% of the total air in our body.
  • Right hand person usually live approx 9 year longer than left hand human.
  • Human is the only animal in this world that tears emotionally like when something bad happen.
  • O positive is the largest blood group available as compare to any other blood group.
  • Each human being has unique tongue print, it’s just like thumb impression. Each human also has unique thumb impression.
  • In today life style approx 90% of the diseases are due to stress only, so make sure to take proper rest, enjoy the life.


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