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Labrador Retriever Wallpaper

Labrador Retriever is a medium size dog. Labrador is a gun dog that means they are good hunters for small pray like birds and love retrieving game. Labrador is considered as one of the most popular dog breed in world and much popular in Unites States of America.


Interesting Facts & Temperament about Labrador 

  • Labrador is a muscular and strong dog however they are not good guard dog.
  •  Labrador is a good watch dog that means if they find something unusual or strange then they will bark and inform you.
  •  Labrador Retriever love to be around human and their family, if you leave them alone then they will keep barking, so make sure not to leave them for longer time.
  • Labrador has short and hard hair and shed little bit but still it is recommended to comb / brush once a week.


  • Labrador Retrievers are good swimmer – they just love to play in water.


  • Labrador is a loyal dog to their family members.
  • Labrador is widely used by police for detection.
  • They are good watch dog but if threaten or invoked then they won’t hesitate to safeguard their family members.


  • Labrador is an excellent family dog, good with children and elder people.
  • Labrador is also a quick learner and learn things very fast as compare to any other dog breed.


Name: Labrador Retriever

Weight: 25 to 40 Kg / 42 to 88 lb

Average Life Span: 11 Years

Colors: Light Cream, Black, Chocolate



 Photo Gallery

Download beautiful and cute Labrador Retriever wallpapers in HD for desktop background. Black, Cream and Chocolate color Labrador puppies photos available in below gallery:


White and Chocloate Labrador Wallpaper

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