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Koi Fish Wallpaper

Koi is a Japanese fish usually kep in ponds or medium size water gardens. Koi is a large size colorful fish origin from Japan.


Koi Fish Overview

Family: Cyprinidae

Order: Cypriniformes

Average life Span: 25 to 35 years

Maximum Length: 3 feet

Average Length: 80 cm

Major Color: White, Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Cream


10 Facts of Koi Fish 


  • Koi fish is symbol of peace, love and friendship.
  • Koi is the most expensive fish and an adult koi carp can cost over $75,000.
  • It attain the length of 18 inches in just 3 to 4 years
  • Koi can easily survive more than 10 days without food.
  • It can survive in very cold water during the high cold days
  • If someone like to keep Koi in aquarium then they can only survive there when aquarium has good filtration as well aeration system
  • Koi fish can lay thousands of eggs in just one breeding.
  •  It’s recommended to keep fish in small to medium size pound, keeping it koi in aquairum is bad choice.



Choose from below Koi fish HD wallpapers and photo to decorate your desktop and PC background. All below Koi are good for desktop:


Ho Koi Fish from Japan

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