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Karwa Chauth Festival

Karwa Chauth is a one day Hindu festival begins in the month of Kartik, in Krishna paksha.  It’s also known as ‘Karva Chauth’ in many places. This North Indian festival is being celebrated in many states like in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttrakhand and so many. Married Hindu women or sometimes unmarried girls also keep fasting for the longevity of their fiances or husbands lives.


Origin of Karwa Chauth:

The fact behind its origin is not certain but the uncertain fact says that in the times of festivals mainly military troops and long distance travel resumed and the male members of the houses ventured away from their family. So, women keep fasting for their husband’s safety and protection.  It has also some links with agriculture therefore celebrated usually in wheat- eating regions.


Culture and Tradition behind Karwa Chauth:

This festival begins with purchasing of all types of cosmetics with puja items, Karwa lamps, matthi and henna. Then before sunrise women awake to eat and drink mainly fenia. After that they also take sargi given by their mother-in-laws which is a pre-dawn ritual. Throughout the day these ladies, do not eat or drink. Finally festival ends with a long waiting for visibility of moon, that include a small karwa puja as per individual’s culture and tradition.


Photo Gallery

Latest Karwa Chauth  pictures and wallpapers available in below 2014 photo gallery. Download traditional photos of Karwa Chauth  festival from India:


Group of ladies in Karwa chauth festival wallpapers for free

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