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John Cena Wallpaper

John Cena is the mind blowing wrestler of WEE as well as winner of several awards that proved his efficiency in this dimension. The superstar of wrestling world is the symbol of power and smartness that makes him rock the ring as well as the acting world too.


He is the native of Massachusetts, USA and is in relation with a successful diva. The most amazing fact is that John Cena loves to kiss his dog every time when he had to appear on the ring.


John Cena the wwe superstar professional wrestler was born on 23rd Apil 1977 in Massachusetts, USA.  One of the interesting fact about John Cena is that he always kiss his dog before going for any wrestling match.



Real Name: John Felix Anthony Cena

Profession: Professional Wrester and  Actor

Date of Birth: 23rd of April 1977

Since in WWE: 2001

Weight: 114 kg

Height: 6 ft 1 inch

Hobbies: Body Building, Wrestling offcourse, Driving and Listening to good music.

Belongs to: RAW Brand in WWE

Winning Championship: 10 times

Belongs to: Florida, USA

Trainer Name: Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling




  •  His Mom name is Carol.
  • John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau  were married on 11th of July 2009.
  • John Cena Wife name is Elizabeth.
  • John cena has degree in exercise physiology.
  • John cena has a dog name ‘Lu’
  • John Cena has record to lifted 236 Kg / 525 lbs.
  • John cena favorited wrestlers are Hulk Hogan, Iron Shiek and Roddy Piper – all of them worked in wwe earlier.


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