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Himalaya Mountain Wallpapers

Himalaya is the range of mountain that touches the board of four countries that includes India, Bhutan, Nepal and China. In Sanskrit it actually means the adobe of snow or glacier. This mountain even as religious prospect because the source of river Gangotri is Himalaya and it is the place of lord Shiva. These religious views are shared amongst Hindu and Buddhist.


Himalaya is the world’s highest mountain touches India, China, Nepal and Bhutan territory. Himalaya is also known with Himalayas name that means adobe of the snow in Sanskrit language. The Himalayas mountain also has religious connection in Hinduism and Buddhism.


Name: The Himalaya

Height: 29,000 feet (approx)

Location: India, China, Nepal,  Bhutan and Tibet


5 Facts of Himalaya Mountain

  • Himalays is the world’s highest mountain in the world.
  • There are few popular Hill Stations near Himalayas mountain like Simla, Kullu Manali that comes in Himachal Pradesh, India; Gangtok etc.
  • The Himalaya Mountain was formed around 70 million years ago.
  • The source of Brahmaputra River is from the Himalayas Mountain only that provide approx 10 crore / 100 million people.
  • Himalayas mountains height is approx 29,000 feet from sea level.



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Road going to Himalaya Wallpapers in 1920 pixel

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