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Hibiscus Wallpaper

Hibiscus also known as Arhul in Hindi is a medium to large size flower found around the world. There are over 200 different species of Hibiscus flower exists.



Hibiscus is a dark flower usually available in red, orange and yellow color.  Hibiscus flower also has traditional and religious value.

Few interesting facts of Hibiscus flower


1) Hibiscus is used in medicine filed specially for treatment for cancer and nerve diseases.

2) Hibiscus flower is used in temple in Asia – it’s also very popular flower of Goddess Kali and Maa Laxmi.

3) Hibiscus is one of the popular flower used in several occasional from wedding to other functions.

4) Hibiscus leaves are also used as medicine for treatment of wounds.

5) It’s also used as herbal  tea.


Quick Overview 

Name: Hibiscus also known as ‘Arhul’ in Hindi

Class: Eudicots

Order: Malvales

Species: More than 200 of Species.

Life Span: 1 Day

Color: White, Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow

Country having National Flower: South Korea and Malaysia.

Uses: Perfumes, For Making Honey, Medicine, Herbal Tea

Rich Source of: Vitamin C, Calcium and Glucose.


Picture Gallery


Over 20 high quality Hibiscus wallpaper ready to decorate your desktop background. Download red, yellow, pink and other color of Hibiscus flower pictures from below gallery:



Beautiful Hibiscus Flower Wallpaper

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