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Hayden Panettiere Wallpapers

Hayden Panettiere is considered as the stunning American beauty of Hollywood who is not only admired as an actress but even as a great singer and model of today genera.  During her journey for success, she had been signing multiple numbers of popular TV series and shows such as remember of Titan, one life to live, etc. She is always admired for her gorgeous and royal appeal that can easily attract anyone toward her.

Her role¬† of the cheerleader named Claire Bennet is her most remembered role till date. The show appeared on the NBC and was named as The¬† Heroes (2006‚Äď2010) in Hollywood.she¬† won a number of¬† awards for these roles.¬† She played a number of famous and wonderful roles in famous television shows and film series. Some of her roles are as follows she played the role of the¬† title character in the crime series The¬† Murder On Trial in Italy. She also played the role of¬† Kirby reed in the movie the¬† Scream 4.


Hayden Panettiere¬†appeared in a number of commercials and did advertisement for stuffs like the Playskool. She played the role of¬† Sarah Roberts in the famous¬† ABC Soap Opera which¬† was named as the one life to live (it lasted from 1994‚Äď1997). She went on to play the role of Elizabeth “Lizzie”in the¬† Spaulding¬† soap opera which appeared on TV and was named as the guiding light (the show lasted from 1997‚Äď2000). Her character was shown as suffering from leukemia. Through her that show she spread a lot of message for the awareness about this disease. She also got a special award from the¬† leukemia & lymphoma society for her major contribution in the work¬† that she did in spreading awareness about the disease.



Name: Hayden Leslie Panettiere

DOB:  August 21, 1989

Birth Place: New York America

Origin: American

First Movie: One Life To live

1st  Award Received:  Young Artist Award

Height: 5.1 feet / 1.57 meter

Weight: 52 / 115



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Gorgeous wallpaper of Hayden Panettiere actress

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