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Happiness Quotes Wallpapers

Whenever the term happiness is withdrawn it reminds me the quotation by Abraham Lincoln; “It’s been my observation that people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be”. The question is what is happiness? But do you really think we need to give the answer a person who is seeking for happiness might not get it anywhere because it isn’t anywhere else than within.


Let’s give a thought why we see children smiling? It’s a question which everyone thinks but never got the answer, the real reason behind it! It’s very simple, because they ‘decide’ to be! It’s not a material which is visible has got mass volume and density it is an existence which can only be felt. It is not merely the happiness; it is the pursuit of happiness. You just can’t be happy you will have to chase it you will have to create it. As the light is for darkness, soul is for body same way it’s the happiness for integrity. Let’s free our soul, let’s feel the love, let’s come under the sun’s ray, let’s feel the rain let us decide to be happy let’s laugh on ourselves, let us all be happy !!


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