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Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is celebrated on 31st of Oct. It’s also called All Hallow’s Eve or The feast of the dead.¬†In America, people love to participate in costume¬†parties during Halloween eve.


Interesting facts about Halloween


  • One of the biggest pumpkin found on Oct 2004 that weight¬†655.895 kg.
  • People used to wear types of costumes or mask in¬†different¬†color from white to black.
  • Trick or treating is a Halloween party for children. Children wear¬†different¬†types of¬†costume¬†and visit home to¬†home¬†and ask for treats like candy or gift.¬†Here the word ‘trick’ means children might mischief with homeowner if treat (like candy) will not given to the children.¬†While Treating means children will¬†perform¬†some kind of tricks like sing a song or show some magic in order to earn treats.
  • Halloween is considered as one of the oldest tradition that is continue from last 2000 years.
  • During Halloween festival over 99% of the pumpkins (a kind of big fruit) is sold to make Halloween.
  • If somehow you see a Spider on Halloween festival then it’s suppose that your love one is watching you.

Halloween Gallery 


Cute, funny and scary Halloween wallpapers available in below gallery. Please follow below photo gallery to download or share Halloween 2014 pictures with your friends or colleague:

Happy Halloween Wallpaper

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