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Great Dane Wallpaper

Great Dane is also well known as German Mastiff. It’s also known as Gentle Giant. Origin of the dog is Denmark and Germany. Great Dane considered as one of the biggest breed in dog category. It belong to mastiff group. There are usually 5 color of Dane found in today era these are: Fawn, Brindle, Black, Blue and Harlequin.


Great Dane consider as a friendly dog  and that’s why it is called Gentle Giant. However they may be aggressive if forced or required. This breed is a very large, strong and required good amount of food on daily basis.


Overview of Great Dane

Life Span: 8 to 10 years

Weight: 50-90 Kg

Exercise: 30 min walk is enough for them on daily basis.

Breed: Dog

Group: Mastiff


Great Dane Wallpaper

We all love dogs and here we have some beautiful and cute great dane puppy photos. To download great dane wallpapers for desktop background, click on any adult or puppies picture and save it. We are sure you will love cute wallpapers of great dane puppies, enjoy!!

Big Great Dane with chihuahua wallpaper

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