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Graduation Wallpapers & Facts

Graduation – Best moment of College Students life

Getting graduation degree is one of the special moment of our life. The date when student finished their study, clear the exam and get final result is called  Graduation day – the day when students celebrate for passing out graduation.


Few Interesting Facts about Graduation Day

  • Students wear different colors dress – each color dress define to a specific specialization like white means – Arts, Yellow means science etc
  • Commencement is a place where students receive their graduation degree on a stage. This stage usually kept in a big hall where all students seat and wait for their turn to receive degree.
  • Tossing – once students received their degree then they gather in a play ground and toss their graduation hat that symbolize that their upcoming career will touch they sky.



Download latest and beautiful wallpapers of Graduation day for your desktop. All photos of Graduation day on below gallery comes with HD quality:

Graduation Day Wallpaper in HD

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