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Govardhan Puja Wallpapers

Govardhan Puja is a popular festival celebrated in India. It’s also known as Padwa. Govardhan Puja is celebrated on occasion when lord Krishna defeated Indra.


Story Behind Govardhan Puja

Lord Indra became too proud and think that he is the Kartha Dharta of entire earth.  So to teach him a lesson, the Lord Krishna ask people to stop worship of Lord Indra. Due to this Lord Indra became angry and started heavy rain on Vridavan dham. Then Lord Krishna lifted Govardhan mountain  on his finger to safeguard all people from heavy rain. And this how Lord Indra understood that there is existence of supreme god and never too proud.


Photo Gallery

Beautiful wallpaper of Govardhan Puja with Lord Krishna available to download. With over 8 pictures of Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan mountain on his finger, decorate it on this 2014 year with below pictures:

Lord Kirshna lifted Govardhan mountain

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