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Gina Carano Wallpapers

Gina Joy Carano is an American actress and a model. She had been personally an a fitness trainer and martial art fighter. She had entered in the film industry owing to her this fighting and fitness career. She has been ranked as the third best female fighter in the world.


She started her career as a sports person and not as a model or an actress. She took part in many sports fights and gradually won her fame from taking parts in these sports activities. She was a famous face by then in America and owing to this she got entry into her film career. Her first work was the movie named as Ring Girls where she along with other girls had to win a fighting competition. She was selected for her this role due to her skills in martial arts. She was very much appreciated for her this role. After this movie she worked in some of the other movies which includes Countdown To Destiny, American Gladiator, Fight Girls, Blood And Bone, I Am Bruce Lee etc. She was very much appreciated for her these roles and she got these roles owing to her excellent in her martial arts and her physical fitness


Name: Gina joy carano

DOB:  April 16 1982

Birth Place: Dallas County, Texas , United States

Origin: American

First Movie: Ring Girl

1st  Award Received: none so far in the film industry



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Gina Carano Wallpaper

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