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Frog Wallpaper

According to the Biodiversity fossil record, it has been traced out that frog were discovered in the early Madagascar Triassic era. This group of species belongs to the carnivorous animals that are featured with short tailed and small amphibian body. It depicts the cosmopolitan distribution and there are about 4800 species across the rainforest. It is an egg lying animal without tail accompanied with distasteful and toxic secretion. It is camouflaged evolutionary animal that can conceal its availability with color change.

Frog is an aquatic animal and an amphibian. Basically frog belongs to the order of Anura. Frogs has mainly jumping skill for which it is known. It is not purely aquatic animal since frog also survive on land.

If you desire to have a high definition wallpaper of color changing frogs then just click our images displaying of your choice for download.


Yellow color frog wallpapers


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