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Friendship Wallpapers

 Friendship is a very important part in our life and we can’t think to live without a good friend. So what exactly is friendship? A friendship is a strong relationshop in between 2 people who having trust, respect, faith and mutal affesction. There are several name of Freiendship around the world like in Unites States people call it as BUDDY, Australia, UK call it as MATE while in India it is known as DOST.


As we all know that there is no boundry for Friendship and that is why you can notice that people say Dog or Cat or Bird is my best friend. This kind of friendship don’t even need language to understand, they just need pure love and hug. Best example of friendship between man and dog is “HachikĹŤ” also known as “Hachi“. Hachi was a dog who love his owner so much that even after his owner death he used to go to station every day until he died. That’s show the true meaning of friendship.


Friendship Gallery

Find here cool wallpapers of friendship with boys, girls, dogs and other pet animals. All Friendship wallpapers comes with high HD quality, download Friendship pictures today for your desktop background.


2 Boy friends photo looking outside

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