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Flamingoes the wading bird that has the unique identification with purple colored wings. This bird belongs to the genus of Phoenicopterus that means purple wings. This existence is limited because there are only six species available in the world amongst which 4 are present in America and 2 are the origin of old world. This birds are the beautiful gift to nature whose presence make one feel over joy. 



The Flamingo bird is one of the most beautiful bird with long neck and leg found in United States, Brazil, India, South Africa and few European countries. Flamingo found in White to light red color.  It’s interesting to know that Flamingo is a social bird and live together.  They also raise their chicks together. Let’s download some beautiful pictures collections of Flamingo from our below collections.


Photo Gallery

Tall, slim and beautiful Flamingo wallpapers are ready in Pink, Red, White and Gray color. Download beautiful Flamingo HD desktop wallpapers for free from our below gallery:

Beautiful Flamingo Wallpaper in HD for desktop

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