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Eve Online Wallpaper

Eve Online is a popular science fiction game released on  6th of May 2003. User who love to play fiction game would surely love this game. It’s a space craft fighting game.


Story line of Eve Online

Story of the Eve Online game is based on future (21,000 year forward) where human are living on another planet.  User can select any one from 4 available characters – Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar, and Caldari. Each character of Even Online has their own bloodlines.


Information’s and some important details of Eve Online:

  • It was first released in North America and in Europe
  • Eve Online was released on 06th of May 2003 and became very famous in the game history.
  • 4.5 star marks was given to Eve Online Game.
  • Trinity and Ambulation are used as Engine in this Eve Online
  • It’s a mutli-player game and can play with more than 2 user at a time.
  • The version of Eve Online that was released was 7.41.377452
  • This game was also awarded and became very popular as a large number of subscribers subscribed this game.


Game: Eve Online

Developed By: This game was developed by CCP Games

Released date: 06th of May 2003

Mode of playing: This game can be played by Multi-player

Platform: For this game – Windows, Mac OS X can be used



Eve Online Gallery

Download latest HD wallpapers of Even Online game available in below photo gallery, click on any one of the below screen shot or pictures to save it to your desktop background:


Eve Online HD wallpapers

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