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English Bulldog Wallpaper

Bulldog is a medium size, muscular, strong dog also known as English Bulldog. They have wrinkle skin on their face. Bulldog has short leg with wide chest.  Bulldog don’t need much place to exercise or roam around, they will do ok in flat or apartment.


Interesting Facts about Bulldog


1) Bulldog is considered as good family dog, they are good with children and family member.


2) They just love to sleep for 10-12 hours a day.


3) Bulldog is a stubborn dog that means you can’t command them if they decided to not to follow your command.


4) They just love to chew anything and as per Bulldog owner experience, I can say that save your slipper and shoes from your cute Bulldog :)


5) Male Bulldog weight is around 20 to 25 KG while female is around 18 to 22 kg.


6) As a family dog they are good guard dog and ok watch dog.


Breed Name: English Bulldog 

Life Span: 8 years

Litter Size: 04 puppies

Weight: 18 to 25 Kg

Color: Brown, White, Brindle


Picture Gallery

Cute bulldog puppy wallpapers available with over 16 HD high quality pictures of Adult, funny and cute puppies. To download and save bulldog pictures for free on your desktop screen, click on below picture >> right click >> Save target as and Save:


Funny Bulldog wallpaper

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