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Eagle Wallpapers

Eagle is a strong, large and beautiful bird found in almost all part of the world. The Bald Eagle is the national bird of United States of America. There are over 60 species of Eagle exists. Eagle usually lay 2 eggs at a time and only 1 chick usually grow to adult.

Eagle has significance in our culture, like in USA – it is a national bird while in India it is related to religion, the Garuda (species of Eagle) which is considered mount of Lord Vishnu.  Very few of us know that the Eagle is the patron animal of Zeus.


Overview of Eagle

Life: 18-24 years

Flying Speed: 120 Km per hour

Food: Fish, Mouse, small bird

Color: White, White and Black, Golden


Photo Gallery of Eagle

Big and beautiful wallpapers of Eagle ready to download. Check fresh and latest Eagle wallpapers for desktop background and print, follow below photo gallery to download HD quality Eagle photos:

White Eagle with yellow mark beak

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