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Durga Mata Wallpapers

Goddess Durga is also known as Durga Maa, Devi Durga, Mahadevi, Adi Shakti etc. Goddess Durga is symbol of Shakti means power and energy. Maa Durga has several weapons that was provided by all Gods to save Universe from Mahishasura.

5 Facts of Goddess Durga 

  • Maa Durga is known by 108 different names.
  • Goddess Durga formed 10 arms to kill Mahishasura demon.
  • Mahishasura has blessing from God Brahma that he can’t be defeated nor killed from any Animal, Human, God or any other power. But Goddess Durga was neither one of them and able to kill and vanish Mahishasura from entire universe.
  • Goddess Durga mount on Lion.
  • Durga Puja festival is devoted to Mata Durga only.


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Maa Durga in 9 Forms Wallpaper

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