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Doberman Wallpapers

Doberman dog is also known as Doberman Pinscher. Doberman is a very popular dog breed and most recognized dogs in the world especially in few countries like USA and India. Doberman is a strong, bold, athletics with excellent stamina dog.


They are fearless dogs that make them perfect Guard dog and used in Police – personal protection and for farm guarding as well. They are used as Guard dogs in Police or Military however in recent last 4-5 decades they are now using as family dog. Dob is very much loyal to his owner and usually stick with one of the family member. It’s strongly recommend provide training from puppyhood itself so that they won’t become dominate.


As per “Stanley Coren” rank - Doberman is one of the 5th most intelligent dogs – 1st rank is for Border Collie – 2nd goes to German Shepherd. Therefore training for Doberman is very easy – they learn basic commands very fast.


Doberman is a medium size (25 to 40 kg) dog and is an excellent watch and guard dog. It’s strongly recommended to teach them that family members are above his/her rank and they are the pack leader. Grooming is required once or twice a week as they have small, smooth coat.


Doberman Dog Facts

Country of origin: Germany

Average Lifespan: 10 to 11 years

Height: 68.8 cm (Male), 63.9 cm (Female)

Weight: 34 to 41 Kg (Male), 27 to 36 Kg (Female)

Speed: 35 km to 50 km per hour

Food: chicken broth, natural gravy, parmesan cheese,

Body Colour: Black, White, Red, Blue, Fawn


Doberman Picture Gallery


Cute doberman dog and puppy photos – total 13 high resolution HD doberman wallpapers available for desktop background in below Dob gallery:


Doberman Pinscher HD photo

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