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Dishonored Wallpaper

Dishonored is a popular action and adventure video game launched on 9th of Oct 2012. Dishonored game is available on Windows, Xbox 360 and on other platforms.


One of the interesting part of Dishonored game is that you can upgrade your weapon, health, gain powers, receive mission etc. You can save the game at any time and play it again when you would like to play it.

There are different missions in this game, on each mission you will receive new weapon and equipment that will help you to battle.


Facts and Information about Dishonored  game:

  • Arkane Studios is the developer of this game
  • It comprises of six action power.
  • Game was composed by Daniel Licht and Richardo Bare is the Designer of this game
  • It is one of the best game that provide different way or methods of killing enemies.
  • The Engine – Unreal Engine 3 was used (Similar to Direct X that is used for playing games.)
  • This game was the third largest selling game which was based on pre-order.


Game Name: Dishonored 

Type: Video Game

Category: Action and Adventur game

No of persons required: Single Player game

First Release date: 09th of Oct 2012

Platform required: Windows, Xbox 360 or Play station 3


Dishonored Gallery

Download from latest wallpaper collection of Dishonored 2012 games. Download only HD quality of Dishonored wallpapers and screen shot from below gallery:

Dishonored 2012 Game Wallpaper

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