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Dhanteras Festival Wallpaper

Dhanteras is one of the best day for Hindus celebrated just before one day of Diwali festival. Dhanteras meaning is very simple – Dhan is a hindi language that means wealth while Teras means 13th day. Dhanteras is celebrated on 13th day of Krishna paksha.


This year in 2014, Dhanteras festival will be celebrated on 21st of Oct 2014. On this day people buy silver or gold coins, new utensils, new bike or cars as Dhanteras day consider as best day to bring new stuff in home. On Dhanteras festival people do worship of Lord Kuber and Laxmi just after next day.


It’s a tradition that women left one diya or deep (small oil lamp) in front gate of home. Business men clean their office / shop and decorate with rangoli and lights.


Dhanteras Date: 21st of  Oct 2014


Dhanteras Gallery

Beautiful wallpaper of happy Dhanteras festival available to download. Dhanteras greetings with quotes pictures ready to share or send to friends:


Dhanteras Wallpaper with quotes


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