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Deer Wallpaper

Deer is also known as fawn or stag. There is around 100 species of Deer exists. Some of the popular species are Chital, white tailed deer, mule deer etc. Deer live in forest and found in tropical rain forest  They found in different size from to 15-20 kg to 80-100 kg.


In few countries like US where deer hunting is allowed in particular season while it’s totally prohibited in countries like India. Deer also has cultural importance in many countries like Germany, France, India, Switzerland etc.


Quick Overview of Deer Animal

Weight: 15 to 20 Kg to 80 to 250 Kg.

Color: White, Black, Gray, Golden and other few colors.

Food: Plants, leaves, nuts, cacti, grass etc.


Deer Photo Gallery

Find some cute and beautiful wallpaper of Deer here.  From adult Deer to baby fawn pictures available for desktop background and print.

Deer in Group grazing wallpaper

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