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Daisy Flower Wallpaper

Daisy is a beautiful flower also known as Bellis perennis. Daisy is a colorful, bright and cute flower found around the world. It looks similar to sunflower but small in size.


Daisy flower has herbal ingredients that is why it used as salads, and some time soups as well. Daisy is also used in homeopathic medicine for treatment of wounds.


Daisy Quick Facts


Name: Daisy flower (Bellis perennis)

Kingdom: Plantae

Native Plant: Eastern, Central and Northern Europe, Americas, Australasia.

Blooming Season: Mid of summer

Color: White, Red, Yellow, Color

Use: Daisy flower is used as an Herbal Medicine and for decoration as well.


Photo Gallery


Bunch of beautiful Daisy flower ready in HD quality wallpaper for desktop background. Download Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange color Daisy flower for bedroom or desktop PC from below photo gallery:


Daisy Flower looking at Sky Wallpaper


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