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Crow Wallpaper

Crow is a bird found in all over world. Crow size vary from place to place, their size is as small as small pigeon to Common raven. Crow is also considered as one of the most intelligent bird found in earth. They learn quickly and easily. Most of the crow’s species color is Black. Origin of the Crow is Asia while now it’s found all over world expect south America.


In Asia, specifically in India Crow has traditional and religious value. Hindus give food and other stuff to crow during “Pitr Paksh” that runs for 13 lunar day period.


Quick Overview of Crow 

Origin: Asia

Color: Black

Life Span: 7 Years in Forest while they can live around 20 years in captivity.

Diet: Omnivorous

Weight: 500 Gram to 1.5 Kg


Crow Photo Gallery

Find beautiful wallpapers of Crow here, all photos are available in high resolution. Click on below photo gallery to download Crow HD wallpapers.

Crow mount on Jar wallpaper

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