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Chihuahua Wallpaper

Chihuahua is one of the smallest dog in this world. Chihuahua origin is from Mexico. Chihuahua usually a good temperament but due to their small size they grow aggression and might attack if invoked. As most of the owner keep Chihuahua with much care, they think ‘I am the king’ in home and develop aggression that must be rectify from childhood itself.


It’s name received from one of the state in Mexico – Chihuahua. They are usually considered as healthy dog but due to their small size, owner have to take necessary care like never give them chocolate, handle with care, don’t allow children to play rough with them etc.


Chihuahua Breed Details

Life Span: 12-15 Years

Weight: 1 to 4 kg

Exercise: Not required, apartment size home if fine for them.

Breed: Dog


Chihuahua Photo Gallery

We have few excellent collection of cute Chihuahua wallpapers here. Enjoy downloading high resolution HD wallpapers of Chihuahua dog. To download   free Chihuahua picture for desktop scree, click on below photo  and save it to your system.

Cute White Chihuahua HD photo

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