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Charlie Brown Wallpaper

Charlie brown is the famous comic character that came into existence with the effort of its American writer Charles M. Schulz. This story is considered as the excellent example to prove the American Success storyline. Charlie brown in the story is depicted as the son of a barber who is person which fails every time when he desires to accomplish any task.

He owns the title of loveable loser who in spite of failure has great stamina to with stand next with form determination and hope. He even had a liable friend for him, Linus van Pelt.


Few Interesting Facts of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown father is a barber and his sister name is Sally.

Charlie brown character was born in 1940.

Charlie Brown creator name is Schulz


Name:  Charlie Brown

First Appearance: 2nd October 1950

Characteristics: A lovely able looser and bad Lucky Person.


Photo Gallery

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Charlie Brown with his dog on Christmas day

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