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Buffalo Wallpapers

Buffalo is a large animal also known cape buffalo or water buffalo. There are several species of buffalo exists. Few popular breed of buffalo is African and water buffalo. The African buffalo is considered as one of the large breed of buffalo found in Africa jungle only. In Asia buffalo are used for dairy purpose only.


Buffalo’s milk is thick as compared to cow‘s milk and that is why their milk is widely used for cheese and curd. There are several games and festival organized for Buffalo that includes Buffalo fighting that is usually organized in Vietnam, Indonesia etc places. While buffalo are also used for sports purpose as well like Kambala race that is held in Karnataka, India, water buffalo racing festival in Thailand.


Buffalo Facts

Life: 20 – 30 years

Running speed: American Buffalo can run at speed of 48 to 56 Kmph

Food: Green Grass and plants

Weight: 250-280 kg

Color: Black


Buffalo Photo Gallery

Collection of some high resolution Buffalo wallpapers available in below photo gallery. Follow below picture gallery to download beautiful and large Buffalo pictures for desktop background:

Funny Buffalo photo in green land

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