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Boxer Wallpapers

Boxer a beautiful, strong and medium size dog originally from Germany.  Most of the boxer dog color comes in fawn color while others are available in brindle color. While other few color of Boxer dogs are white and black & white color combination. Boxer has one of the strongest jaws to bite or hang.


Boxer is a good family dog however can be distrustful for stranger. Boxer is very good with children – they are playful and loyal to his/her family. Boxer dogs are usually calm but if provoked then they can bite or safeguard their family or property.


One of the interesting facts about Boxer is that their name ‘boxer’ word derived from their playing behavior – they use front paws as boxing.


Boxer are easy to train – they learn basic tricks like ‘sit down’ , ‘stand up’ , ‘lay down’ very easily. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to take your boxer dog on walk for at least 30 min on daily basis if you are living in flat or apartment.


Boxer is an excellent watch dog and guard dog as well. They are used in Police and in farm as a guard and security purpose.


Boxer Dog Facts 

Lifespan: 9-10 Years

Body Colour: Fawn, Brindle, White

Height:  57 to 63 cm (Male) and 53 to 60 cm (Female)

Weight: 30-32 Kg (Male) and 25-27 Kg (Female)

Temperament: Friendly, Brave, Bright, Loyal

Average Litter Type: 6 to 8 puppies


Boxer Photo Gallery


Cute Boxer dog and puppy wallpaper collection available in below photo gallery. Download cute boxer puppy pictures for desktop background or share it with your friends:

Boxer Dog Wallpaper

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